Diverse talents and perspectives are vital for building more diverse digital worlds and creating the games of the future. 
Ensemble, supported by British Council, highlights the work being done by games industry creatives from BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) backgrounds.  
Curator Sharna Jackson brings together work by leading talent in the UK games industry, looking at their careers with reference to concept art, sketches, design documents, prototypes and more.

Ensemble is supported by British Council

Chella Ramanan, Writer (Devon)

Chella is a freelance journalist writing for Gamesindustry.biz and the Guardian online and a speaker on diversity and storytelling – having written fiction she has now begun making her own games with her first title, Before I Forget.

Des Gayle, Producer, Altered Gene (London)

Des has worked with LEGO Media, EA and Square Enix with his credits including hit games FIFA, Just Cause 3 and the BAFTA winning Life is Strange, before forming his own micro studio, Altered Gene.

Jade Leamcharaskul, Composer and Sound Designer (London)

Jade has composed the soundtracks for numerous indie games including Dragon Fin Soup, Hungry Whispers and Black = White, and is Events/Commuity Manager at BAME in Games.

Jodie Azhar, Lead Technical Artist, Creative Assembly (West Sussex)

Jodie began as an Animator at Kuju and Rebellion before joining Creative Assembly, where she has lead the team working on the Total War franchise since 2015.

Meg Jayanth, Writer and narrative designer (London)

Meg was the narrative designer for the critically claimed 80 Days and has written for major titles including Horizon Zero Dawn and indie hits Sunless Sea. She is currently working on two unannounced titles and consulting on narrative design, diversity and inclusion.

Moo Yu, Programmer, Foam Sword (London)

Moo worked on the Ratchet and Clank series at Insomniac Games and LittleBigPlanet at Media Molecule before founding BitMinion, Mugathur, and now Foam Sword, creating Knights and Bikes.

Nadir Miheisi, Game Developer, Funky Gorilla Games (Essex)

Nadir is a self-taught programmer who recently took the leap to working full time making games. He is currently working on his first VR title, Beyond Type 1: 2150.

Wei Xing Yong, Lead Animator (Manchester)

After his first job at Ubisoft Reflections, Wei completed an internship at Framestore where he worked on the Oscar- and Bafta-winning film Gravity. His credits include Batman Arkham VR, Destiny 2 and Battlefield 3.


Ensemble debuted during London Games Festival 2018 and has since toured locations including the Develop Conference in Brighton. If you are interested in hosting the collection contact Roz.Tuplin@games.london



Sharna Jackson has a wealth of experience in digital initiatives within arts and culture, and has held roles at Tate, Design Museum, The Broad in LA and the Royal Collection Trust and consulted for National Maritime Museum, Museum of Childhood, V&A and Science Museum.

She is a trustee at Sheffield Doc Fest, New Writing North and Upswing, and a non-exec director at Bright Little Labs.

Adrian Hon

Adrian Hon

Six To Start

Anisa Sanusi

Anisa Sanusi


Nainita Desai

Nainita Desai

Composer, BBC, HBO, ITV &c

Kish Hirani

Kish Hirani

BAME in Games

Mitu Khandaker

Mitu Khandaker

Spirit AI, NYU

Shahid Ahmad

Shahid Ahmad

Ultimatum Games

Nahrein Kemp

Nahrein Kemp

Film London

Games London has also invited a steering group to help guide the exhibition’s content and ethos. These include Jackson plus (clockwise from top left): Adrian Hon (Six to Start), Anisa Sanusi (Hutch Games), Nainita Desai (leading UK composer for BBC, HBO, ITV and more), Nahrein Kemp (Film London), Shahid Ahmad (Ultimatum Games, formerly Sony), Dr Mitu Khandaker (Spirit AI, NYU Game Center) and Kish Hirani (BAME in Games, formerly Sony).