Meet the Fringe

Meet the Fringe – Off the Page: Chapter Two

Meet the Fringe – Off the Page: Chapter Two

Ahead of London Games Festival 2019, we are catching up with the people organising the wide variety of events that make up the Festival Fringe.

Today, British Library digital curator Stella Wisdom tells us about Off the Page: Chapter Two, which is taking place at the British Library’s Knowledge Centre on Saturday 13 April between 11:00am and 4:30pm

Tell us a bit about your event.

The British Library seems like the perfect location for talks, discussion and demonstrations exploring the overlap between literature and games. This year we have decided to focus on three specific themes; videogame adaptations of literature, interactive digital biographical works and game poetry. We are also delighted to be organising this event with Game Rats, who share with us an interest in writing for videogames and interactive storytelling.

Who is this event for? 

Off the Page: Chapter Two is for anyone and everyone, old and young, who loves interactive storytelling, playful poetry, literature and videogames. I appreciate that this is a broad definition, but hopefully this event will appeal to some people who may not have visited the British Library previously.

Why should people come along?

People should come along to celebrate the role and contribution of writers who create games and interactive digital experiences.

There will also be demonstrations of LITCRAFT, developed by Lancaster University, which uses the Minecraft platform to create accurate scale models of literary islands, such as Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe etc. to re-engage schoolchildren with literary classics. And MissionMaker, a game making platform developed by University College London’s Institute of Education for young people to make their own 3D adventure games of Beowulf and Macbeth.

Why were you keen to be involved in London Games Festival?

I worked with Sarah Cole to produce a British Library London Games Festival event in 2017, which was also called Off the Page. We felt like this year is a good time to revisit the relationship between literature and games, looking at specific themes of adaptation, biography and poetry. We are both big fans of the London Games Festival and Sarah has also volunteered at Now Play This in previous years. It is wonderful to see London’s cultural institutions hosting events and exhibitions for the festival and I am really looking forward to visiting Haiku Adventure: The Craft of Games at the William Morris Gallery

What games do you enjoy? 

I personally really enjoy augmented reality mobile games and I’ve been played Pokémon GO since it was released, I’m team instinct, level 39, and looking forward to getting to level 40 soon. I enjoy working in teams to defeat high-level raid bosses and meeting other players at community day events. I have made a number of brilliant new friends from playing the game and it encourages me to go out walking. I’ve also been checking out Moomin Move; a new location-based Moomin game, based on the books and comics by Tove Jansson.

You can find out more about about Off the Page: Chapter Two and buy tickets right here

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