Meet the Fringe

Meet the Fringe – Nerdlesque: Show Me Your Moves

Meet the Fringe – Nerdlesque: Show Me Your Moves

Ahead of London Games Festival 2019, we are catching up with the people organising the wide variety of events that make up the Festival Fringe.

On Thursday, 11 April at Looking Glass Cocktail club – from 8:30pm until late – video games meet burlesque with Nerdlesque: Show Me Your Moves. Show producer Alex Davis teases a bit more about the forthcoming event 

Tell us a bit about your event.

Video games + burlesque = Show Me Your Moves! Playing games is all about doing something different, having fun, and transporting yourself into a new situation. We showcase burlesque and boylesque talent stripping as their favourite characters. Not only that, we like to have interactive fun together.

Don’t just sit in your chair and watch the acts, be a part of the action by jumping up on stage and take on the challenge of playing our digital or DIY IRL games for the chance to win prizes! Plus, get your hands on an amazing range of retro consoles to play before and after the show.

Games can be silly, scary, moving and challenging. Show Me Your Moves emulates video games in a cabaret format.

Who is this event for?

Have you ever lusted after a video game character? Would you like to see someone bring their passion to life, live on stage? Have you ever thought of what it would be like to play an IRL version of Overcooked, holding a cooking pot and throwing life-size ingredients with a bunch of other people? Come and experience the essence of video games in the flesh.

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t been to a burlesque before. We’ll have a warm-up act to show you the ropes and everyone is welcome. This night is for people that like to play, watch, laugh, have fun, shout a bit, and try something new.

Why should people come along?

This is the eighth instalment of Show Me Your Moves …. each time it gets better and better. This time round we’re debuting a host of new acts: be wowed by a hula hooping Sonic the Hedgehog, tremble before our strip teasing Bowsette and (venue permitting) marvel at the fire breathing Mileena from Mortal Kombat.

Play games with your friends and get on stage to try and win prizes! Escape the daily grind, explore your desires, be titillated, embrace and encourage one another.

Why were you keen to be involved in the London Games Festival?

As one of London’s leading gaming event creators, Joypad have been organising a wide variety of gaming events since 2013 – so when London Games Festival was launched in 2016 it was natural for us to want to support an event that highlights some of the amazing gaming culture events that go on in London throughout the year.

Joypad has always been about bringing video games into a more open, social arena by combining gaming with more typical types of communal fun. This year we thought we’d present a slightly more out-there event… Nerdlesque: Show Me Your Moves bridges a gap between gaming and burlesque, offering festival-goers the chance to experience something new, exciting and full of interactive fun!

We put on all sorts of gaming events throughout the year: alongside Nerdlesque, there’s video game based speed-dating, warehouse parties, Cinedouken! and much more. We’re also London’s largest supplier of retro video game equipment for a range of private and corporate events, you can check out more about us at

What games do you enjoy?

I’m utterly obsessed with War Groove at the moment. Any and all Animal Crossings including Pocket Camp. My life will be complete once it comes out on the Switch. I will always have time for Parappa the Rapper. Breath of the Wild was an absolute treat and Pool Panic was my hidden switch gem of 2019.

You can find out more about Nerdlesque: Show Me Your Moves right here

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