Rumpus: Pick Your Own Misadventure – Win Two Free Tickets

London Games Festival in partnership with Rumpus is giving away two tickets to this SOLD OUT London Games Festival Fringe event. One night only and it is happening tonight, 1 April starting at 10pm.
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We spoke with Elizabeth Simoens, Founder of SeaSylph Games and the brains behind the game aspect of this very special Rumpus.

What do games mean to you?
Games are a fabulous way to explore new worlds with friends while also getting the joy of trash talking them the entire time.

Who is your Rumpus: Pick Your Own Misadventure for? Why should people come?
Anyone and everyone! Come to dance, party, release your inner gladiator, belt your heart out, get your fortune told, and complete forms in triplicate. How else would you spend your Friday night?

How do you want  people to react to your Rumpus: Pick Your Own Misadventure? What makes it unique
I want people to have fun with it. There are lots of small experiences throughout the venue that are just waiting to be found. It’s Rave + Live-Action Adventure Game = Amazingness.

Is this your first time creating an event like this?
This will be my third commissioned work, I did a couple others within my school, and definitely the largest game I have ever worked on.

What games do you play/what else inspires you?
I love old fashioned point-and-click adventures and games that don’t require any reflexes. I am really trying to find a way to translate those game mechanics into real life. For example, in some of my games I paint all the clues with UV paint so that they glow under blacklight, just like they “sparkle” in online games.

What else are you looking forward to seeing at London Games Festival?
The Games Finance Summit sounds very useful for me as a very new live-gaming creator. I am hoping I will leave that day feeling ready to apply for the Games Finance Market next year! I also plan on attending many of the other fringe events, in particular the Games Market (I can always fit more games in my flat) and SUPERWAREHOUSE. It is such a great line-up.

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