A handy guide to what we're aiming for during London Games Festival

London Games Festival welcomes you to join in the UK’s biggest ever gaming cosplay parade! This parade will be one of the festival highlights and a colourful costume celebration of video games!  
To participate in the parade, you must complete the form on, and agree to read and abide by our Parade Terms & Conditions, laid out below. If you have any questions about the form or the parade, please email us at    
We hope everyone has fun and remember to share all your parade pics with @LondonGamesFest on Twitter!


London Game Festival’s first priority for our Parade is the welfare and safety of participants, guests, staff, volunteers, and security. London Games Festival staff, security teams, and volunteers for the Parade reserve the right to consider any costume, weapon or prop deemed to be unsafe or likely to cause a nuisance to be breaking these terms and conditions.  

We are an inclusive festival (read about our Equal Opportunities Policy here). We kindly request that costumes worn during the parade have a PG rating so everyone can enjoy the day.


Regardless of your gender identification, we require all attendees, exhibitors and guests to please:
  • Select underwear that is modest and offers full coverage of your chest, groin, and bottom. (i.e. no bare boobs or bum cheeks) This extends to: No thongs, No singlets, No Vampirella-type costumes
  • A costume must provide this level of coverage at all times, including when standing, sitting, moving, or posing.
  • Coverage material must be thick and sturdily constructed with the proper undergarments (types of coverage that are prohibited include, but are not limited to, sheer materials, very thin materials, tape, pasties, body paint, liquid latex, and prosthetic genitalia).
  • Proper coverage must be held to the body by more than adhesives - that includes prosthetic glue, medical glue, theater glue, fashion glue and fashion tape. These adhesives may be used to assist in wearing the costume but cannot be the only method for keeping a costume in place.
  • The illusion of nudity is still nudity. Flesh colored garments must be easily identifiable from 10 feet away as garments, or they are deemed prohibited.
  • Please wear protective footwear at all times. This means some sort of hard sole (Flip flops, shoes, boots etc). Stocking feet are prohibited
  • Makeup must be properly sealed so that it does not rub off with casual contact. Please be mindful that body paint, glitter and /or fake blood are great fun for you, but other participants in the Parade might not want it on themselves.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that a Parade wristband / hand-stamp can be placed directly on your wrist / hand (not over costume or clothing).
  • The maximum dimension (height, width, or depth) of a costume is three metres. This excludes fabric trains and any parts that collapse to a smaller size, such as wings that fold down to within the size limits.
  • If a costume is bulky, made of hard materials, or includes parts outside of usual human dimensions, you must have at least one person with you as a guide.
  • Costumes, props, performances, and displays must not involve or create naked flames, explosions, nor arcs or bursts of exposed electricity.

Military dress

Costumes that may be considered military dress must not represent uniforms, emblems, or flags of organisations responsible for crimes against humanity
  • If you intend to wear a uniform that appears realistic, you must distinguish that it is a costume.
  • Costumes that could be mistaken for current military or law enforcement are prohibited.
  • Hateful symbols are prohibited.
  • Emblems of genocide are prohibited.

London Games Festival reserves the right to have the last word on the suitability of all costumes.

The London Game Festival appreciates that weapons and props are an integral part of gaming cosplay. But due to security we are prohibiting prop weapons of any kind at the Games Character Parade. We appreciate your understanding and co-operation in this matter.
City of London Police will be present throughout the event to help enforce this and will be confiscating any prop weapons at the Games Character Parade
Attendees bring items to an event at their own risk. London Games Festival Staff, security, or the Police may destroy confiscated items without warning.  
  • By participating in the London Games Festival Parade you agree to wear a wristbands / handstamps during the Parade to designate that a costume has been checked and approved by London Games Festival staff, security, and volunteers.
  • Please do not brandish props in a manner that could be interpreted as threatening or overly aggressive; be aware of how security personnel may interpret your actions during or in the surrounding area of the Parade.
  • Keep props on your person at all time. There will be no storage facilities for costumes, weapons or props provided for the Parade.
  • London Games Festival assumes no responsibility for damage incurred to your costume, weapons or props during the Parade.
  • Participants under the age 13 must be accompanied by an adult at all times during the Parade
  • By participating in the London Games Festival Parade you agree to the use of photography and acknowledge photos from the Parade will be used in future Games London marketing materials.

Our pledge to you
  • While Parade is a celebration at the culmination of the London Games Festival, it is also a showcase for your talents, passion and enthusiasm - and we respect that you're the star of the show.
  • The Parade will be well staffed with security teams and stewards - if you're unsure on the day, ask for help.
  • We will aim to provide as much pre-parade preparation space and support on the day as possible. These T&Cs are designed to lay the groundwork for that and create as fun an environment on the day as possible.
  • As well as our marketing materials, we will aim to produce a post-event pictorial magazine. Everyone participating in the parade will receive a copy from us.

Lastly: Top Tips!
  • Stay hydrated! Consider bringing a change of clothing if your costume is restrictive or if there is danger of overheating.
  • Be safe! The London Games Festival Parade will take place in central London. Please consider staying in a group, letting a relative or guardian know you are taking part, and plan your day in advance.
London Games Festival staff reserves the right to alter and update these terms & conditions to ensure a safe and successful Parade. London Games Festival reserves the right to withdraw access to the Parade or the right to ask you to leave if you are in violation of these rules. Compliance with the London Games Festival Parade Terms & Conditions is mandatory.
  All make sense and want to sign up? Click here to go to the registration form.