Museum of London’s ‘London in Video Games’ exhibition now open

Museum of London’s ‘London in Video Games’ exhibition now open

At Games London we believe that London can become the games capital of the world.


But the relationship between the city and the virtual world goes back a lot longer than you might realise. A new exhibition at the Museum of London shows that the streets and landmarks of London have featured in video games for decades.


At the ‘London in Video Games’ exhibition you can get hands-on with examples ranging from 1980s text-based adventure Hampstead to Tomb Raider III and beyond.


As part of the London Games Festival and to coincide with the Museum of London Exhibition of games, Games London and SteelSeries have teamed up for a state of the art prize pack including a SteelSeries Siberia 800 headset, a Rival 700 mouse and Sentry Gaming Eye Tracker. To go in the draw to win this prize. click here for details.


Foteini Aravani explains more about the Museum of London’s collection here:


The Museum of London is currently engaged in a new, experimental collecting project which encompasses all digital media including film/video, sound, social media, and the web. We have been developing new digital collecting activities and identifying opportunities for acquiring digital material to enhance and enrich the Museum’s collections. Building upon the museum’s digital collections, we decided to start collecting video games as an alternative way to tell the story of London.


We have acquired 18 video games that represent or misrepresent the capital in their narrative or they were developed by Londoners. A new collection that spans from 1982-2000 and highlights the depiction of the city as a place and as a concept and the contribution of Londoners’ in the video games development. The Museum of London’s recent acquisitions explore and articulate the unique boundaries of video games as an art form and as an alternative path in the city’s social history that documents the fluidity and the evolution of London as an ever-changing city in a very interactive and engaging way.


The inclusion of video games furthers the mission of the museum around a new digital collecting area and ensures the ongoing preservation, social history study and interpretation of video games as part of the overall collection. By bringing these games into a public collection, the museum has the opportunity to investigate the material science of video game components, the copyright and IP challenges and develop best practices for the digital preservation of the source code for the games themselves.


Foteini is the Digital Curator at the Museum of London developing the museum’s digital collecting activities and identify opportunities for acquiring digital material to enhance and enrich the Museum’s collections. She has worked in different arts and cultural organisations and on a variety of cultural and digital projects.


Details coming soon on the Games Culture Summit located at the Museum of London.

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