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Meet the Fringe: VideoBrains

Ahead of London Games Festival, Games London is speaking to some of the creators behind this year’s line-up of exciting and eclectic events

This afternoon, VideoBrains founder and freelance journalist Jake Tucker tells us about the monthly event, which this time around takes place during the Fringe on Tuesday, 4 April at Stratford’s Secret Weapon.

jake mtg picTell us a bit about your event.
VideoBrains is a monthly speaking event hosting intelligent and entertaining talks on video games and the things around them.

We’re passionate about looking at play from new angles, and we run this event to bring that out. Anyone interested in games is welcome to give their perspective on them, regardless of their background, experiences and identity. It’s a safer space for people to listen to great talks, chat with lovely people, and investigate new interests under the banner of enjoying games.

Who is this event for?
I’d like to think everyone can get something out of VideoBrains, but primarily we’re aimed at people who enjoy games in all formats and want to get more of an in-depth look at them, even if this is via the medium of ridiculous jokes and hyperbole.

Why should people come along?
Take a look at some of our previous talks and you should quickly see the appeal, but if not, we’re in a bar, so you can come along to meet other like-minded games folk. Talks run from 7-9 and there’s plenty of time for meeting people and drinking between when the door opens and at 6, and when we all drift off at around 10.

Why were you keen to be involved in London Games Festival?
It’s an excellent opportunity to meet new people, both those with an interesting viewpoint on games or those that might want to come and experience those views for themselves. VideoBrains is only as strong as the community around it, so this is a good chance to introduce ourselves to a new audience, and be part of the biggest games event in the UK.

What events have you done before?
VideoBrains was my first event, and i’ve been running it now for about two and a half years. I also had a hand in curating talks for RocketJump Events and managed content for two Pocket Gamer Connect mobile events, one in London and one in Bangalore.

What games do you enjoy?
I’m a games journalist by day, so I like to think I’ve found something to enjoy about a whole host of different games. However, I do have a fondness for first-person shooters, happily consuming one after another, no matter how mediocre they are.

Tickets for the VideoBrains taking place during the Fringe can be found here. And for more information about the eclectic slate of Fringe events, head here.

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