Meet the Fringe

Meet the Fringe: Tabletop Tuesday

Meet the Fringe: Tabletop Tuesday

Ahead of London Games Festival 2019, we are catching up with the people organising the wide variety of events that make up the Festival Fringe.

Today, Big Red Barrel’s owner and events manager Tim Hibbs tells us a bit about the board and card game nights he is holding at Dalston’s Loading Bar between 8pm and 10:30pm on Tuesday, 2 April and 9, April

Tell us a bit about your event.

Each Tuesday we feature a different board or card game. Try that game that evening and be in with a chance to win a copy of the game at the end of the night! A great, fun and easy way to be introduced to new games and new people that play them. Usually, we have between 50 and 60 people each week and have been running for over six years. Everyone is welcome.

Who is this event for?

Designed as an entry level event for anyone interested in playing new games and meeting some other friendly people who like doing similar. We tend to loosely bounce around between bigger board games and fun party games from week to week.

Why should people come along?

A fun, friendly atmosphere to learn and play new games in — and you can win a game just by trying it out that evening. We also have guests, including creators of the games where possible. Often other prizes up for grabs on the night too. Also a large library of board and card games, as well as a selection of videogames that are always available in Loading Bar.

Why were you keen to be involved in London Games Festival?

Obviously the location ties in well but London Games Festival is such a nice celebration of gaming that it is honour to be a small part of it. Always on the lookout for some new friendly fellow gamers, so the publicity is always welcome.

While videogames are well represented by LGF it felt like boardgames were a little less so. Since we are a nice meeting point of the two, it felt like it would be a good addition.

What games do you enjoy?

I am a gamer in both the video game and tabletop form. I do like to try my hand at a wide variety of games but my favourite video games tend to be turn-based strategy or puzzle games and I like VR. Board or card games would tend toward area control or deck-building games but not adverse to something fun and silly.

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