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Meet the Fringe: Space Ape

Ahead of London Games Festival, Games London is speaking to some of the creators behind this year’s line-up of exciting and eclectic events.

Today, Space Ape content marketing guru Deborah Mensah-Bonsu tells us about the two events that the firm has planned for the Fringe.

DMB crop2Tell us a bit about your event.
Space Ape is holding two free Fringe events during the London Games Festival.

The first is an Analytics evening which we’re hosting with the Games Industry Analytics Forum, led by our Head Analyst Fred Easey. We want to facilitate knowledge sharing in the industry. Some topics that will be covered are improving games through machine learning and harnessing the power of data in real-time multiplayer games.

The second will follow the UK Games Showcase, and is a Mobile Roundtable in partnership with the Mobile Games Forum. It’s a chance for leaders in mobile gaming to come together and discuss the future of the industry. MGF will be kicking off their Advisory Board at the event. Of course both events will be followed by snacks, drinks and networking.

Why should people come along?
It’s a chance to mingle with some of the best and brightest in a casual setting. Both events will be a great opportunity to level up your knowledge on a cutting-edge part of the gaming industry and where it’s headed. We’re really excited about partnering with MGF, they’re trying to change the way we all access and share our insights. I can’t wait to see how they will infuse the event and conference circuit with new ideas and approaches. Plus, who doesn’t love free beer.

Why were you keen to be involved in London Games Festival?
We’re a studio that’s really trying to make the independent London gaming scene feel like a community. We all have so much knowledge to share and it would be a waste not to take the opportunity to build those bridges. The London Games Festival is something that does a fantastic job of facilitating those connections. It’s a really exciting time for the mobile gaming and indie scene in general, there’s so much innovation around every corner.

What events have you done before?
We run events fairly regularly because we think there’s still no replacement for in-person connections.

Most recently we held UK’s first Indie-Dev Influencers Junket. We had about a dozen indie companies from all over Europe showcase their games to each other and a large group of some of the most influential YouTubers in the industry.

It was amazing to see devs and influencers trading insight and just relating on a personal level. We all love games. It sounds simple, but actually seeing two sides of an industry building real relationships based on that simple fact was really refreshing and motivating. We’ll definitely do it again.

We’ve also held a couple of Live-Ops events at our studio, with huge turnouts. Live-Ops is something we excel at, so we want to pass those learnings on to the rest of the industry wherever we can.

What games do you enjoy?
Am I allowed to say our games?? Kidding.

Man, lots. Titanfall was one of the first games I got really addicted to, being able to play as a parkouring pilot and a giant mech was just the best.

I think Overwatch is incredible because they’ve created a game that’s quite complex and made it accessible to everyone.

On the mobile front, I will admit it. I’m absolutely hooked on Episode. I think it’s genius and it’s my guilty pleasure, I can’t help it.

In all honesty though I’m incredibly proud of the games we’ve released so far, and the ones currently in development. We’ve made a name for ourselves in the build and battle genre, and because of those successes we now have the freedom to explore new territory.

You’ll get a chance to see Fastlane at the UK Games Showcase, it’s unlike anything we’ve done before, and it’s rivalling everything else for my attention now, cannot put it down.

You can register for the Analytics Forum here. For more information about the MGF and Space Ape Mobile Roundtable, email louise@globalmgf.com. And for more on the Festival Fringe, head over here.

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