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Meet the Fringe: Rumpus

Ahead of London Games Festival, Games London is speaking to some of the creators behind this year’s line-up of exciting and eclectic events

Today, the team behind interactive narrative party, Elizabeth Simoens (below left) and Santiago Genochio (below right), tells us about the weird and wonderful Rumpus.

rumpus mtf piceTell us a bit about your event.
Genochio: Rumpus is a ground-breaking indoor festival, inviting you to seven rooms filled with live music, DJs, circus, theatre, art exhibitions, VJs, immersive performances and more magic, music, mystery and mayhem than you could possibly imagine!

Simoens: Santi brings me in when he wants to add that little bit extra to an already fabulous event. I come in to tie the themes, artworks, and space together with live gaming. This gives the attendees the possibility to explore another side of Rumpus that they may never have noticed before.

Who is this event for?
Genochio: Those born to be child.

Simoens: Those who want to play games, have shenanigans, and dance until dawn.

Why should people come along?
Genochio: If you’re a bit bored of paying money to stand in a crowd watching a band or a DJ, come and check out what happens when the crowd is the entertainment!

Simoens: You also need to see what happens when all of a sudden a glow cloud gives you a new quest through the medium of opera. I don’t think I need to say much more.

Why were you keen to be involved in London Games Festival?
Genochio: We’re keen to make London’s nightlife as immersive and interactive as possible – and London Games Festival gives us a platform to introduce live gaming to dance floors.

Simoens: The London Games Festival was a key part of my entrance into games in general last year. As long as it is running, I want to be a part of it. This year I am not only working on Rumpus but Fire Hazard Games’ Evasion and talking at VideoBrains. Going to be a crazy time!

What events have you done before?
Genochio: It would take a while to list – I spent years working for Burning Man and heavily involved in the European Burning Man events, and Rumpus has been igniting dance floors across Europe for 7 years now.

Simoens: I have run over 80 live games in the last year alone with players in the thousands between SeaSylph Games and the work I do for my employer Fire Hazard Games.

What games do you enjoy?
Genochio: That one where there’s a goat with a laser attached to its head and you have to dress up as a lettuce and you can only move sideways. I love that game.

Simoens: Local multiplayer is really my jam right now. Overcooked, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and Never Alone are what I’ve been reaching for recently.

More information about Rumpus can be found here. And to find out more about the Festival Fringe line-up, click here.

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