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Meet the Fringe: Realms

Ahead of London Games Festival, Games London is speaking to some of the creators behind this year’s line-up of exciting and eclectic events.

realms mtf cropToday, Luke Caspar Pearson, Lecturer in Architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, tells us a bit about REALMS.

Tell us a bit about your event.
REALMS is an evening of informal talks at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. The event will be a series presentations by architects, Minecraft builders, writers and game designers on the links between architecture and video games  followed by a panel discussion. We will explore spaces in games and how question how games may be used to design spaces, as well as the affect games have on architectural culture and vice versa.

Writers Darran Anderson and Phillipa Warr, James Delaney from Minecraft builders Blockworks, Maciek Strychalski from SMAC who are developing Tokyo 42 and architect Catrina Stewart who worked on Lumino City, will join us on the panel. We also hope to show some of the game-related work that students at the Bartlett have been producing and exhibit how architects today who have grown up with game worlds are increasingly inspired by them.

The event is free to turn up at but we have limited places so we’d advise booking a free ticket at: realms.eventbrite.co.uk

Who is this event for? 
The event is for anyone who takes an interest in architecture and games, or is fascinated to find out more about how they might be linked together. REALMS is free and open to all, whether you work in either industry, are in academia or simply have any interest in buildings, cities and games.

Why should people come along?
People should come along because we have a really interesting and diverse panel of speakers who all come from different backgrounds, so the conversation will be lively, informal and energetic. Between all our speakers we will also show many weird and wonderful buildings, games and worlds that you may not have seen before. Hopefully by the end of the evening, everyone will emerge excited about all the possible relationships between games and architecture and all the collaborations that might develop!

Why were you keen to be involved in London Games Festival? 
The London Games Festival is a really exciting platform for promoting and discussing the games industry and all the innovative work going on in the city. As a school of architecture, the Bartlett has always pursued experimental and cutting-edge design practices, and so we were very keen to participate in the festival to establish conversations between our design cultures, and to open conversations between our respective industries. 

What events have you done before?
I have curated a number of events more broadly exploring the relationship between pop-culture, games and architecture, including UP-POP as part of London Festival of Architecture 2015. I am also the coordinator of an international conference called Drawing Futures which explores new frontiers of drawing as part of architecture and art practice.

What games do you enjoy? 
I often enjoy games that experiment with space and touch upon the architectural, like Strangethink’s weird territories, GTA’s ‘recreation’ of Los Angeles which I am examining in my own research, The Witness and its spatial puzzles or XCOM 2’s world. As a kid I loved Final Fantasy 7 and I’m also currently really enjoying how NieR: Automata plays with the camera framing of the landscape. And aside from all that, I’ve definitely spent too much time recently wall-riding as Lucio in Overwatch.

You can buy tickets for REALMS here. And for more information about our Fringe line-up, click here.

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