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Meet the Fringe: mayamada GamePad

Ahead of London Games Festival, Games London is speaking to some of the creators behind this year’s line-up of exciting and eclectic events.

Today we are speaking to mayamada co-founder Nigel Twumasi about its upcoming GamePad event

Nigel Twumasi - mayamada2Tell us a bit about your event.
Our event is called GamePad, it’s a social gaming event that promotes inclusion and diversity in gaming and its audience.

We want to bring back the magic of playing games in the same room with friends, the idea is to make gaming something that is social and fun for everyone! People will be able to play together on different games across the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS, Wii U consoles.

And for the spring event on April 8th, we’ll also have the newly released Nintendo Switch console playable, which we’re super excited about!

Who is this event for?
This is a family-friendly event for new and experienced gamers alike. So as well as guys, women and families are taking part and gaming together.

One of the great things we’ve seen at previous events is parents bringing their kids to GamePad and not just sending them off to play while sitting and watching, but actually playing along with them and enjoying gaming together. That’s something we want to see more of!

Why should people come along?
It’s a fun, inclusive social gaming event and will be a great atmosphere for parents to spend time with their children during the Easter break. People should come to GamePad as we’re changing the face of gaming and breaking the stereotype of who plays games!

As well as video games board and card games will also be available to play. There will be competitions for prizes and special cosplay guest appearances too.

Also, you haven’t had the opportunity to play the new Nintendo Switch, this will be a great opportunity! We’ll have Super Bomberman R and 1-2-Switch which is a perfect game to test out the consoles in a fun way.

Why were you keen to be involved in London Games Festival?
It’s amazing to see London embrace games and launch the festival to raise awareness and involvement in the gaming industry, that’s something we want to absolutely support.

London is a great multicultural city and the idea behind the festival is a perfect match for our own GamePad event so we had to me involved and getting a diverse community of people into playing games.

What events have you done before?
We’ve been running GamePad for over a year and recently brought it to east London in a new venue. It’s been a great to see the community of gamers build around multiple events now.

Before that, we’ve also held anime screening events where we show classic films, and consume large amounts of popcorn! We’ve also held a number of frozen yogurt parties where, surprise, a lot of frozen yogurt is consumed too…food seems to be a central theme of our events!

What games do you enjoy?
I recently finished Uncharted 4 which was an amazing experience! That whole series is a game changer in terms of cinematic video game storytelling.

Fighting games like Street Fighter, Soulcalibur, and Marvel Vs Capcom are great fun too, even though I know I’m terrible at them!

Most things Nintendo get a thumbs up from me too. They always manage to make ground-breaking and fun games which I always appreciate.

I’m a massive fan of role-playing games and can’t wait to get into Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mass Effect: Andromeda!

You can find out more about more about mayamada GamePad here. The team has kindly created a discount code for the event: use GAMESFEST to get ten per cent off tickets.

And for more information about the Festival Fringe, head over here.

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