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Meet the Fringe: Joypad

Ahead of London Games Festival, Games London is speaking to some of the creators behind this year’s line-up of exciting and eclectic events.

Today George Swain, the director of Joypad Bar, tells us about two of the events he is hosting during this year’s Festival Fringe.

george joypad cropTell us a bit about your events.
We’re hosting two events, Cinedouken! (Friday 31st March) and #SuperWarehouse (Saturday 1st April), both are at Studio Spaces (Pennington St) and are open from 5:30pm till midnight. Tickets and further info are available via our website.

Cinedouken! (pronounced Sin-ne-doo-ken) is an event we invented where we screen video game movies, but with a twist; any time two characters are about to have a fight, we switch the projection over to the game and get members of the audience to play.

So, think about a cinema, then immediately forget that – instead think of a 400 strong NOISY crowd! Whooping, cheering and jeering to every punch, quip and unintentionally comic performance a movie can throw at us… it’s quite ridiculous really!

This time, we’re doing a special Cinedouken! based on the movie that inspired the idea for the event – Street Fighter: The Movie. We’ll also have a bar, food and popcorn, DJ’s and a retro gaming area with pretty much every console version of Street Fighter ever made (trust us, that’s a lot!). This is an entire night expressing our love for what is not only a great movie, but arguably the greatest fighting game franchise of all time. Make the effort to dress up as a Street Fighter character and we’ll give you a free drink for your troubles too!!!

#SuperWarehouse Gaming Party (to give it it’s full name) is a completely different beast, somewhere between a club night and a gaming night round your mate’s house. 600 people, live music, international artists and DJ’s, live visuals, an interactive indie gaming show, over 1000 retro games to choose from, pre-release indie games, a bar, street food…. simply put, it’s going to be the biggest gaming night out London has ever seen.

Who are these events for?
Everyone! (as long as you’re over 18… there is a bar…) At Joypad we’ve been creating events for years and the goal has always been a simple one: make gaming a normal part of a night out. Whether you love gaming, or have a more casual, passing interest, you’ll have a great time at either of our events.

Why were you keen to be involved in London Games Festival?
We’re happy to support London Games Festival for the second year running, and to help share with the world the vibrant and amazing UK gaming scene. We’ve always tried our best to get independent UK developers to show their games at our events and put them in front of a wider audience, but there was only so much we were ever going to be able to do on our own and London Games Festival does a great job of supporting independent UK developers.

What events have you done before?
We’ve hosted dozens of our own events, but I think the thing I’m most proud of is Joypad Arcade: our retro gaming private hire service.

As I mentioned before, our goal was to make gaming a normal part of a night out, and in the last year alone we’ve been a part of expos, exhibitions, office parties, birthdays, weddings, stag and hen parties, product launches, christmas parties, house parties, private dinners and a lot, lot more! It feels pretty good after almost 4 years of hard work and dedication to be at someone’s wedding reception, playing video games with their guests and have it feel natural, it feels like victory!

What games do you enjoy? 
Depends on my mood… luckily I’ve got a library of 1453 games at my disposal!

For more about Joypad and to buy tickets, click here. And more information about the Festival Fringe can be found here.

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