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Meet the Fringe: Evasion

Ahead of London Games Festival, Games London is speaking to some of the creators behind this year’s line-up of exciting and eclectic events.

In this article, Fire Hazard Games marketing manager Carrie Parris explains its real world spy adventure, Evasion.

carrie parris mtg cropTell us a bit about your event. 
We are running our new special game, Evasion, as part of the Fringe this year. Evasion is a real world high-octane secret agent adventure, where teams compete against the clock to crack as many clues and complete as many special missions as they can…while the enemy is in hot pursuit! You’ll be able to track your progress on our live leader-board.

Evasion is a great showcase for the many elements of real-world gaming that we love at Fire Hazard. As with all our games, players access our player interface through their smartphones, and use this to receive and respond to hints, clues, and missions.  Evasion features the running, scheming, and clue solving of Citydash; the sneaky stealth tactics of Undercover; and an immersive narrative like Shadow Over Southwark and Raiders of the Lost Archive. It also has some escape-room-style puzzle moments – but to tell you any more than those would mean spoilers!

Who is this event for?
Anyone who wants to release their inner Archer or Emma Peel!  This is a high-energy team game which may involve some running, will definitely involve some cryptic clue cracking, and you may even be enlisted for stealth missions with some of our real life NPCs. Also, if you like wearing tactical turtlenecks, you’ll fit right in.

Why should people come along?
You’ll have a lot of fun with us, and be part of movie moments you’ll never forget. We’ll also have lots of experienced crew at the game, so say hello and ask us about our other games too – we’d love you to play with us again!

Why were you keen to be involved in London Games Festival?
We’re proud to be part of the Fringe, and it’s a privilege to work with Games London to promote what we do to the wider gaming community. We’re a start up doing something a little unusual, and the Fringe is a great opportunity to share experiences with other games industry professionals. The line up is great, and we intend to go along to support plenty of other events too.

What events have you done before?
We run regular public and private events. We’ve run games in London’s Science Museum, Maritime Museum, V&A and Greenwich Observatory, along with parks, public spaces, flash bars and deserted warehouses from Berlin to San Francisco. Our Australian branch operates across Adelaide and Melbourne. During Summer 2017, you can see us at UK Games Expo and Wilderness Festival.

What games do you enjoy? 
Everybody seems to have moved on to Horizon and the new Zelda, but I’m just quietly re-playing Day of the Tentacle!

Tickets for Evasion can be bought here. And for more details about The 2017 Festival Fringe, head over here.

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