Meet the Fringe

Meet the Fringe 2019 – Clean Living 19

Meet the Fringe 2019 – Clean Living 19

Ahead of London Games Festival 2019, we are catching up with the people organising the wide variety of events that make up the Festival Fringe.

Theine project manager Jade Powell shares a bit about her event Clean Living 19, a new spin on the classic escape room format, which you can check out on Tuesday, 9 April over at Middlesex University’s Grove Atrium between 4pm and 10pm

Tell us a bit about your event.
Clean Living 19 is a twist on traditional ‘escape room’ challenges that places you at the centre of the story and tests your strategy skills under pressure. In this fully immersive production, you can play out your movie mystery fantasy and work as a team to bring down Clean Living.

Who is this event for?
This event is for people who are looking for something dramatic and a little bit different. The production combines gaming and theatre to create a role play experience perfect for people who like to become fully involved in a story.

Why should people come along?
If you’re looking for something new and exciting to get involved with, you should come along on the 9th of April and see what we have in store. If you dream of being the protagonist of your own story, the leader of a gang that brings down the evil corporation and have the strategic skills to solve challenges under pressure. This event is right for you.

Why were you keen to be involved in London Games Festival?
When creating this event I wanted it to be a part of something bigger and being a student, I know It can be difficult to find unique events like this that actually fit into your price range. Therefore, by creating something that can be listed as part of the London Games Festival I can give more options to everyone and show that regardless of your financial situation there are events out there for you.

What games do you enjoy?
I enjoy games that make you feel like you’re in control of your character’s fate, and games like Fran Bow, Life is strange and Outlast became the starting point for planning this event. For me, playing games is more than what you’re being challenged to do, it’s about the story that it takes you on, and how it makes you feel, and the more twists involved the better.

Clean Living is taking place on Tuesday, 9 April at Middlesex University’s The Grove Atrium. Tickets are available here

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