We love our Festival Fringe. It’s awesome. We keep reading through our freshly-announced events lineup and grinning.


If anyone has ever doubted the ingenuity and imagination of the London games scene, well, they’d better like the taste of humble pie.


Our Fringe has games tournaments and interactive live experiences, get-togethers in bars and thought-provoking talks in institutes of learning. You can take part in ‘codeaoke’ (yep, it’s a thing) or sing along to a musical about Nintendo characters (yep, that’s a thing as well).


We have exciting events from Radius Nights, Rumpus and Ukie; brainy events at Goldsmiths and Queen Mary Law School; boozy events at Loading Bar, Six Yard Bar and Meltdown.


There’s an exhibition at the Finnish Institute, a market where you can hunt for must-have games, collectibles and rarities, and a Mario Kart tournament that pitches East London against West London. You can even learn how to make your own games, with workshops about Gamemaker and Autodesk.




And that’s not all– we’re expecting a few more events to join the lineup over the next couple of weeks. We’re having to keep them under wraps for now. Sorry about that. But it’s safe to say that they’re going to be unmissable too.


Please support the brilliant events organisers, venues, theatre groups, filmmakers, coders and educators who are playing a crucial part in the London Games Festival. Follow this link for the current schedule and to buy your tickets.

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