VR SHOW: AR & VR Gaming Arcade 

Saturday, 7 April, Business Design Centre


On 7 April 2018, Virtual Reality Show London will host the AR & VR Gaming Arcade, where you can come and try the hottest immersive games and accessories.

Virtual Reality is ushering in a whole new era of gaming, and this show will showcase pioneering VR work which is revolutionising the way that we interact with digital worlds.

Recent leaps in system processing power, coupled with the development of gaming-ready headsets and controllers have allowed VR to blossom as a viable platform for mainstream games. This growth is allowing gamers to explore large-scale immersive worlds, play in highly detailed 360°environments and ultimately have deeper and more profound gaming experiences.

At the show, attendees can try out the latest AR/VR gaming tech, learn more about game creation and development in our conference sessions, and explore the entire show: Fly, train, and try immersive boxing in VR at The Digital Gym, discover 360° music at the Virtual Club and join us at the world’s first Vocktail Bar to try a future-style immersive cocktail!

Virtual Reality Show London is part of Future Tech Now, so whether you’re an avid gamer, a tech enthusiast, or you just want to take a fascinating look into the future, come join us for an incredible day of interactive activities.

Features at Virtual Reality Show London include:

  • VR & AR Gaming Arcade Stands
  • Digital Gym
  • Virtual Club
  • Vocktail Bar
  • Immersive Hospital
  • 360° Movie House & much more
Find out more at the official site to see some of the content on show at Future Tech Now and the VR Show.
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