AI Summit
Sponsored by Spirit AI 

Monday, 3 April, 2pm to 5pm

Regent Street Cinema, W1B 2UW

Tickets: £35

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Exploring technology and games in the era of digitised thinking

The London Games Festival: Artificial Intelligence Summit will explore the various ways artificial intelligence is shaping games – and the ways game-driven AI tech is shaping the world outside of games.
Topics up for discussion include a look at how AI tools could be used to filter out and curtail online harassment, the games potential in hybrid AI/voice-controlled platforms like Amazon Alexa, and how games studios are revamping themselves for an automated world.
Our closing keynote is a special session featuring a live interrogation of an AI, in a unique tech demo and showcase.


2pm Opening Remarks Mike Cook, Falmouth University (Summit chair)  
2.10pm Your Next Hire Should Be a Robot
Imre Jele, Bossa Studios
Looking at how AI workforces could revolutionise games development
2.45pm The AI Dungeon Master - Freeform Roleplay Using AI
Speaker: Mark Ogilvie, Design Director, Jagex
A future-looking talk on the potential for AI devices, such as Alexa, from a designer’s perspective
3.20pm PANEL: A.I. vs Online Harassment - Sponsored by Spirit
AI has long been used to improve gameplay, but can it also improve player communities? Spirit AI and esteemed guests explore issues of online harassment in and around games and consider if and how better technology - and AI characters - might help all players feel safer and more welcome in games.  
4.00pm The Interrogation
Speakers: Talulah Riley, ‘Jane’
The A.I. Summit pits an actress well-versed in digital characters - Talulah Riley, most recently seen in ‘Westworld’ - against a brand new digital character in our closing keynote