Orange T-shirts, culture and Pac-Man: What it’s like volunteering for London Games Festival

During London Games Festival, we asked members of the public to volunteer and help us out with our slate of events. This year, one such volunteer was Sam Dudley, who has kindly written a bit about his experience assisting the 2017 London Games Festival. As a life-long appreciator-turned-musical contributor to the world of video games, the announcement early last year of the return of London Games Festival meant I spent the first two weeks of …

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Team 17 boss Debbie Bestwick MBE to keynote Games Finance Market

The co-founder and CEO of award-winning international games label Team17 Debbie Bestwick MBE will be delivering the keynote at this year’s Games Finance Market.   The industry veteran and pioneer will be sharing the lessons she has learned on the path to Team17 becoming the biggest UK games publisher, including how to scale a small company and attract investment with over 150 delegates assembled for the Games Finance Market.   Bestwick co-founded Team17 in 1990 having …